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An olive wedding theme

The wedding took place at the beautiful resort of Porto Carras, at the beach bar “Πλάζ Cocktails & Food”

Πλαζ Cocktails & Food

The couple, Andreea & Cosmin has chosen olive branches for their wedding theme, since this theme blends smoothly with the environment . Halkidiki is very famous for its wonderful olive oil and olives. (

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“Πλαζ Cocktails & Food” Porto Carras, Chalkidiki

beach bar Πλαζ Cocktails & Food-1

beach bar Πλαζ Cocktails & Foodolive oil wedding favours

olive oil favoursWedding cake olive theme

olive branch bouquet

wedding menu


Venue : Πλαζ “Cocktails & Food”

Florist : Tania Chatzigontziou

Sound & Lighting : Avant Garde

Location : Sithonia Halkidiki

The stunning view from Monolithos castle

8 reasons to do your wedding in Greece

[highlighted_text]History [/highlighted_text]

Greece is the birthplace of Western philosophy(Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle), literature (Homer andHesiod), mathematics (Pythagoras and Euclid), history (Herodotus), drama (Sophocles, Euripedes, and Aristophanes), the Olympic Games, and democracy. (

[highlighted_text]Atmosphere:  [/highlighted_text]

In Greece, you are in a crossroad of colours and cultures; you feel the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe and you discover the evolutionary course of thought, influence and experience.

You are in a country with a uniquely affluent historical past, whose people, however, do not rest on their laurels and are not stuck in that past.
You are in a country that, though statistically small, is huge in its diversity. You see landscapes that have given thousands of postcard images but remain incredibly vivid and of unrivalled beauty.

Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again. Walk through the olive groves, through archaeological sites; move to clusters of islands, go through beaches and mountains and explore the breathtaking scenery.

[highlighted_text]6000 islands and islets [/highlighted_text]

scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited. This is a truly unique phenomenon for the European continent.

[highlighted_text]Beaches [/highlighted_text]

The Greek Archipelago takes up 7,500 km of the country’s total 16,000 km coastline, offering a highly diversified landscape: beaches stretching over many kilometers, sheltered bays and coves, sandy beaches with sand-dunes, pebble beaches, coastal caves with steep rocks and dark coloured sand typical of volcanic soil and coastal wetlands. In Greece about 400 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag; this number rises each year, a true indication of the Greeks’ love and regard for the sea.

[highlighted_text]Romance [/highlighted_text]

Greece is the birthplace of the winged God Eros, the son of Aphrodite; the God that with his quiver and arrows inspired artists and writers over the centuries to praise the virtues of love. Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination or just a romantic escape, the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love.

Search for your fairy-tale romance in the Greek islands, a perfect honeymoon destination bathed in sunlight all year long. Explore with your other half the islands on a cruise and enjoy sun-kissed beaches, superb natural landscapes, cosmopolitan resorts and traditional settlements alike or taste exquisite local dishes

[highlighted_text]Weather [/highlighted_text]

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall.

[highlighted_text]Gastronomy  [/highlighted_text]

Greek gastronomy has recorded a history of around 4,000 years, with especial characteristics based on pure and unique quality goods produced on Greek land. In fact, it was Archestratos who wrote the first cookbook in history (330 B.C.). In Greek nutritional tradition the gustative result blends harmonically with the high nutritional value.

In contrast to what many people believe about Greek cuisine, you will discoverer that “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki” (Greek salad) are not the only worthwhile Greek dishes. Greek cuisine consists of a large variety of dishes that can fully satisfy the gastronomic quests of both vegetarians and meat lovers.Greek cuisine has four secrets: good quality fresh ingredients, correct use of flavourings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity.


welcome to the nation that defined the meaning of a good time  

Still thinking about it?

there are so many more reasons to choose Greece for your wedding, read more at


Do your blessings in Greece

Blessing or Symbolic weddings are very popular in Greece.

The blessing – symbolic wedding is a perfect way to exchange vows or an opportunity for every married couple who wish to celebrate their marriage anniversary and renew vows in a unique and personal way.


We can organise a symbolic ceremony anywhere you want, from a private villa to a hotel, on a beautiful beach during the sunset or on a yacht, around the pool… options are plenty. Symbolic ceremonies are suitable also for gay couples although in Greece, since December 23rd, 2015, a civil partnership is legal.

[highlighted_text]What we can do for you :[/highlighted_text]

We will provide you a celebrant

  • We can assist you writing your vows, in case you want to
  • We can arrange the ceremony and reception venue
  • We will decorate the venue according your wishes
  • We will provide your kind of music
  • We will provide a co-ordinator for your wedding day

Have questions? what are you waiting for?  contact us here

flower head crown

Summer wedding colors inspirations

It is well known that colour of the year 2016, according to Pantone,  is rose quartz and serenity

Pantone colour of the year 2016

Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.


Photo credit via 

The real trend, according to Mindy Weiss,  will be a bigger emphasis on bright colours. “Soft greens and creams will continue to be big,”  “but with pops of bolder colours like plum and coral. 

More summer trends for 2016

Minimalist decorNo longer will we be seeing tall, lavish centerpieces. Instead, lush, low florals are what couples are picking for a more understated look with smaller, more impactful decor pieces. “Couples might also start booking smaller venues to make their simple decor feel grander.” Nothing quite says minimalist beauty like this simple tabletop featured on Magnolia Rouge 

Table set up

Comfort Food:  “I’m seeing a big trend toward comforting, homespun food.” Couples are still spending plenty of money on good food, but “people want to eat what they’re familiar with” these days. 

Tasty Station

Bright on :  Metallics are surprisingly versatile, says New York City event-planning guru Harriette Rose Katz. “Depending on how and where you bring them into your celebration,” she says, “they can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal or even very natural.”  No matter the venue or theme, designers across the country say rose gold will show up on everything from rings to table linens. Even the food and drink get in on the trend, with shiny blush icings on desserts and rose-hued cocktails. One metallic that is on the wane, however, is silver.

copper wedding decor

Image credit via 

Be seated :  Couples are moving away from a reception layout based on large round tables, which has a tendency to feel too much like a conference event, and are instead opting for either very long, rectangular tables or a mix of long tables surrounded by smaller square and round tables — all for a more intimate vibe. And lounge areas, complete with comfortable seating options, remain a crucial part of the cocktail and after-party hours.

Just dreamy : The key to setting a romantic mood? Ambience. “Every couple wants to create a more romantic and intimate environment,” says Los Angeles–based event designer Trish Stevens, of Classic Party Rentals. “Wedding lighting is the best — and simplest — way to establish both.” Event designers say they’re using more pendant lights with bare “Edison” bulbs, chandeliers (both vintage and modern) and candelabras to cast a soft glow.

Just a few of the new wedding trends for 2016, to be continued…

What is your favourite trend?

pretty bridal dress with lace by Christos Costarelos

Christos Costarellos bridal

My creative process forms a bridge that connects elements from the paste, making them relevant to the present as they project ideas to the future”

Christos Costarellos is a Greek Designer with an innate talent to delicate feminine creations.

[highlighted_text]Two fundamental elements that express the designer’s eternal quest for knowledge, evolution and inspiration.[/highlighted_text]

What’s yours?

Images : weddinginspirasi

Spring time

Spring is in the air

..or it is summer already? Considering the temperatures in Greece,  28 – 30 celsius, i wonder how hot the summer can be! Not ordinary temperatures at all.

Thinking about the weddings I have during summer I got inspired of these below!

spring bridal dress

aetherial bridal dress

Pretty colourful vases beautiful idea for spring wedding  centerpieces!

spring wedding decoration

flower wedding crown

Love this bohemian hair style

Bohemian wedding hair

images : http-//

Introducing Eirinikos Glass bottom cruises

When Luxury, comfort and innovation met with adventure and deep blue, the idea of glass bottom boat “Eirinikos”, was born.

“Eirinikos” is the only boat in Halkidiki with glass bottom, a glass underfloor space, enables the visitor to feel the magic of the underwater beauty of Mount Athos area in Sithonia and the complex of nine unexplored islands in Ammouliani.

Eirinikos Glass bottom boat

eirinikos glass bottom boat:1-4


[highlighted_text]What you can do .. on board![/highlighted_text]

Most important – [highlighted_text]Do your wedding Ceremony and Reception on Board[/highlighted_text]

  • Grab the opportunity to see the Monasteries of Mount Athos
  • Take a day cruise to a stunning  beach
  • Go a round trip to Blue Lagoon of Ormo Panagias and Ouranoupoli

Drenia islands Halkidiki

  • Enjoy breathtaking sunsets on Board
  • Taste traditional meals
  • Drink  fine wines

…….. above all enjoy the unique greek hospitality!

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