Highlights of a Jewish Wedding

He is from Argentina, she from Greece. They met in Spain and after almost  three years they decided to tie the knot n Chalkidiki, Greece.

Jewish ceremony on the beachJewish Ceremony


Jewish wedding:Chalkidiki

Ceremony:2Wedding Reception

Reception tables set up

WEdding ReceptionDeco Details

deco details:Jewish weding

deco details of a Jewish WeddingWish Globe

Make a wishSeating cards

SeatingSignature Cocktails by Soulshakers

Soul ShakersCouple’s first dance

Couple's dancingHappenings


Fun Time


Wedding planner : Konstantina Saraidari

Florist : Mi me lismonei

Photographer : Chrysa Nikoleri – Nikos Parastatidis

Location : Possidi Chalidiki

Venue : Buddha Bar

Bridal Gown Designers

“I have always felt that my role as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best. A wedding gown will live for generations in photographs. It is probably the most important dress that a woman will ever wear.” Oscar de la Renta

http-::www.oscardelarenta.com: http-::www.oscardelarenta.com:bridal:collections:bridal-2015:look-4-caroline http-::www.oscardelarenta.com:bridal:collections:bridal-2015:look-13-caitlinThe Oscar de la Renta Bridal collection features extraordinary embroideries and beautiful fabrics, from silk duchess to French Alençon lace.

Elie SaabEli Saab Elie Saab bridal qowns

Born to Maronite Catholic  Saab is self-trained and began sewing as a child. At the age of eight his attention was already turned to fashion. He used to cut patterns out of newspaper and searched his mother’s closet for any lace he could find. He used his sister as his model, raiding his mother’s closet for anything he could drape upon her. However, his family was pleasantly surprised when he turned out a blue and white striped gown for his sister.


Anna Cambell

http-::www.annacampbell.com.au: http-::www.fashiondivadesign.com:forever-entwined-anna-campbell-new-bridal-collection:

There is something truly mesmerising about an Anna Campbell dress, with designs simply dripping with decadent embellishments, intricately beaded laces, soft pretty tulles and floating silk chiffons. No matter which Anna Campbell bride you may be, when you slip into your dress on your wedding day you will feel timeless, yet not traditional, sexy yet sweet, and truly beautiful – just how every one of our brides should feel on her wedding day. We create breathtaking, silken dresses inspired by vintage romance, all hand made in Melbourne, Australia with love. http://www.annacampbell.com.au

Inbal Dror

inbal Dror bridals.jpg:1 inbal Dror bridals.jpg:2 inbal Dror bridals.jpg:4 inbal Dror bridals.jpg3 inbal Dror bridals.jpg5

He is a leader in designing bridal gowns for the most important day of the bride’s life, using the highest quality of soft & complementing fabrics. He is now one of the cornerstones for brides from all over the world, who seek the combination of beauty with meticulous workmanship to the last detail. http://www.inbaldror.co.il

Latest collection or not they are amazing!

Pink inspiration

pink for peonies, pink for champagne, pink for diamonds, pink for shoes, pink for the bridal dress.. ..no matter what the use, brides seems to love this color.

Love pink sign

Lovepink tablescape 

pink tablescape

pink earrings 

pink earrings

pink lingerie

pink lingerie

pink bridal dress

pink wedding gown

pink Chanel

pink chanel

pink champagne

pink champagne:1

pink orchids

pink orchids

pink bridal jewelry 

pink jewelry

pink bridal shoes

Not one of my favorite colors but I like it a lot! What is your favorite color?

When the honeymoon is over…

‘Honeymoon’ refers to the ‘month of honey’, traditionally thought to be the sweetest time in a marriage.  After that the feelings of elation can begin to wane.  It has been estimated that the honeymoon period of a marriage is two years.  Of course this is nature’s trick to make us commit to a partnership, but when the initial thrill ends, we may well be left with a choice to break it, or to make it work.

It’s very often easy to begin something new as we ride on the waves of newly found enthusiasm and are captivated by the novelty of a new personality, property or passion. We set off with feelings of hope and expectation that we are entering a new and better phase in our lives.  We imagine that this new person/job/lifestyle will provide us with all that we have been missing.  However, if we project all of our hopes and wishes onto the object of our excitement we become blind to what we don’t wish to see.  It is only some time later that the ‘reality’ of the situation reveals itself to us.  We spot the flaws and weaknesses; we lose heart and perhaps even give up on our initial vision. We awaken from our dream, and life becomes ordinary again.

Of course many relationships continue to grow and mature over time, and this is an indication that romance or passion has evolved into something much deeper. Honeymoons end quickly when we stop infusing new energy, when we begin to take others for granted, or when we have expectations, or we try to control others.

A wise person will not wait for the rosy glow to wear off.  They enjoy the happiness of the honeymoon period, and at the same time will know that to keep the relationship fresh it is necessary to continue to inject newness into it every day and at every moment.  He or she will also realize that acceptance, tolerance, and respect are necessary components of this new phase in the relationship.

From golden beginnings, a relationship can begin to look like silver, still valuable and beautiful, but with a need to be polished constantly so it will not tarnish and lose its beauty.  Without attention it will deteriorate further and become like iron, rusty, ugly and of no value.

If every day we are able to focus on what’s right rather than what’s wrong, the reason why we began our passion, why we fell in love with the person, then we can ensure the relationship will grow ever stronger.

Thus, the saying that ‘all good things must come to an end’, need not be so.  Learning to really respect each other, give space to the other, love the other for their strengths and weaknesses, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in happiness or sorrow, for richer or poorer, is in fact the sign of real, true, deep and satisfying love that can only emerge when the honeymoon is over.

It’s time… to ‘live happily ever after’ by continually focusing on the good, highlighting strengths, and every day injecting new positive energy into your relationships and ventures. With a little maturity, wisdom and attention, the honey-moon need never wane

by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London