Inspiration Boards

What is an Inspiration Board?

(Lisa Rufle) . An inspiration board, sometimes also called an idea board or a mood board, is a mixed media collage of visually appealing images that are meant to invoke your creative muse. Designing your own inspiration board can be just the catalyst needed to get your creative juices stirring. You can use Inspirations boards to design your wedding, but because they are meant to express an individual’s own unique creative side, there are few strict rules when setting out to design one of your own. They can be as thematic or as varied as you want. Some ideas for very basic inspiration boards include:

  • color palettes
  • inspiring quotes
  • favorite photographs
  • personal mementos
  • artwork
  • letters/poetry
  • wedding magazine clippings/decoration magazines

Inspiration board crafting can be as simple as purchasing a cork board from your local hardware store and tacking up your ideas, or it can be as uninhibited as covering an entire wall or door with your inspiring materials.

Have fun!!

3 responses to “Inspiration Boards

  1. I love your space.
    I really liked the tips on photography and matter.
    Marriage is a difficult task and all information that we can move on to the brides are very helpful

    I just post a new story on trends.

    I await your visit and comment

    thank you

  2. I love this idea. It is a vision board for artists! I am a big believer in visualizing what you want to bring into your life. It reminds me of a saying “If you can see it, you can believe it, when you believe it you can achieve it.” Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

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