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Tropical Bohemian Wedding: Alexis+Maria

Being cool is not something you can copy paste from someone else’s personality. It is not what you decide to become for the world to see. Alexis and Maria was the perfect most relaxed couple I ever had the chance to organise their wedding. A Lovely Tropical Bohemian Wedding in Sithonia, Chalkidiki The fabulous beach at Porto Carras,  the impressive venue "Plaz Cocktails & Food" the astonishing view of Neos Marmaras. The perfect ingredients to create a tropical bohemian wedding. A theme that was fitting perfectly with the couple's personality. Maria...

Rock n Roll Elopement in Halkidiki

Elopement in Nea Fokea Marija and Stefan it's a rock couple. Their kind of life inspired by rock. Rock n Roll is an idea, a choice not a trend. Their wedding could not be different. They came to Halkidiki, to exchange rings and vows that will unite them forever, with rock n roll music as a background. No guests, no stress, a perfect day just for them. A glass of champagne to celebrate, photographing their memories in front of the Byzantine castle of Nea Fokea in Kassandra peninsula. Nea Fokea...