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A Modern Beach Wedding with Traditional Elements

A Romanian Beach Wedding

A beach wedding for Viorica and Paul a couple from Romania in Sithonia, Halkidiki. Nothing sounds unusual so far, right? But not when I found out that I had to organise for the first time,  a religious beach wedding.


Romanian weddings is a mixture of traditions, customs and superstitions, some older than others. Because it was a beach wedding the couple followed just a few. They had to choose their godparents  – a married couple (friends, cousins or other relatives) who will have the role of advisers of the newly married couple. Next, to the bride and groom, they play the most important role. They participate in the religious ceremony and, at the party, they sit with the bride and groom at a separate table.


The main idea was to combine traditions with modern touches for the beach wedding. Our dominant colours were green and yellow.

Another tradition is to wear crowns during the ceremony, like a king and queen.


Traditional almonds in a different flavour. A sweet treat for gueststraditional-almonds-beach-wedding

Traditional – modern bridal dress

The Logo for the Beach Wedding was two dogs, male and female reaching out to the moon and stars. Inspiring present from Viorica’s close friend.welcome-beach-wedding-sign-Halkidiki

Artistic wedding photos at the lovely Halkidiki beach for the couplemodern-beach-wedding-in-Halkidiki

“Our beach wedding was the most important and beautiful day of our lives”  couple’s words for their Wedding Day.

For me, it was a pleasure collaborating with them.

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