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A Vintage Wedding at Mount Athos Peninsula

“I dream my painting, and I paint my dream.”
― Vincent van Gogh

A vintage wedding for Victoria and Igor was a dream come true at Athos peninsula. They had to travel a long distance, in fact, almost three days from Texas U.S.A to Chalkidiki. No doubt, their trip was their biggest adventure ever,

Victoria is a classic musician teacher and always wished for a wedding like old times, a vintage wedding. As a location, they chose Nea Roda,  a pretty, quiet, fishermen’s village in Mount Athos Peninsula. There is a beautiful old chapel above the harbour facing Akanthios Bay and Mount Athos;  An ideal location for their kind of wedding.


Wedding Details

They chose to stay in a hotel close to the church. The first reason was to enjoy the beautiful view and the second reason was to walk the distance to the church. Like the old times, when luxury cars were not an option.

Here is the couple with the maid of honour and the best man on their way to the church.


Victoria wanted to honour her mother, so she let her give her away. A lovely opportunity to say thanks.

After the ceremony, guests had a refreshment and traditional Greek almonds. It was the best time of the Wedding Day. The time when the sun goes down and the colours in the sky are amazing.

Couple’s mood throughout the day was playful. They enjoyed their time very much with the camera and were playing with the photographer.



The wedding reception was held nearby in a nice restaurant by the sea. Once again, the couple did not use a car.  It was a peculiar and the same time lovely picture for the locals.  They do not see newlywed couples and their guests walking to the wedding reception venue.

As Jeremy Irons said once,

” We all have our time machines. Some take us back; they’re called memories. Some take us forward, and we call them dreams “.

Lots of flowers and vintage details, as was expected according to the theme. The flowers, Veronica chose, was dusty pink roses and white hydrangeas.

Dinner and wine were excellent and plenty, wedding cake awesome from the local pastry shop. It was a lavish wedding celebration.

Congratulations to the lovely couple, Victoria & Igor!


Location: Nea Roda

Venue: Costa Costa

Photographer: Manolis Igoumenidis

Florist: DoubleYou

Planning & Design: Willow Weddings & Event Management



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