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Weddings and Ideas to inspire

A Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Halkidiki

To begin with, me and the entire group involved to the Hindu wedding, we were all enchanted. At the same time we realise that we have to do a lot! The Wedding Ceremony According to Vedic or Vashnav tradition, the Hindu wedding (marriage) embodies the ideals of spiritual strength.  A moral and disciplined lifestyle, piety, selflessness and a divinity of love. The ceremony symbolises the linking of two souls into one harmonious whole. The format of this ceremony has evolved over 7500 years. The Panditji (Indian priest) will be conducting...

A Mediterranean Wedding

A Greek -  Italian Wedding. A young couple, chooses Greece, home of the bride,  as their destination wedding. One of couple's priority was to find the perfect location, which will reflect the colours of Mediterranean. Natural environment facing the sea. Well.. their choice was Vourvourou in Halkidiki. An outstandingly beautiful location full of green, crystal clear waters and tiny islands in the background. The wedding had Greece's National most humble plant as the main star, Olives. Centerpieces in high vases, with big olive branches was just in harmony with the environment. As...


10 reasons to choose Halkidiki for your destination wedding

Why to choose Halkidiki for your destination wedding? Because in Halkidiki or Chalkidiki, your choices are endless. For you and your guests. Pick your wedding theme for your destination wedding or let us help you find it. The beaches are countless, plenty of reception venues, beach bars, olive groves, pine-forests, we can choose the right location, together, with you. Let me remind you what you can find in Halkidiki. Crystal waters Sandy beaches 550km of coastline Plenty of activities. From water sports, golfing, tennis, hiking, sailing...

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A traditional church wedding

Church Ceremony Our challenge in this wedding, among others,  is not only to combine different customs but also to make them work. Fist we had to persuade the Orthodox priest that we want to decorate the church yard. This is not very common in Greece anymore.  Second to make it possible because ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m. hours.  Third to make absolutely positive that foreign guests will be at the church on time...