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Halkidiki Private Birthday Party

A unique private birthday party Almost a year ago Slava contacts me from Moscow. He wanted to set up a surprise private birthday party for his mother, she was turning 60 years old.  I was delighted, the theme was his mother's best moments in the years gone by. For this private birthday party, we organise a theatrical performance in Chalkidiki. Of course, the actors were her son and his wife, and her granddaughter. We choose live jazz band for the background music.. we created videos for every story and special gifts...

Indian-Hindu wedding traditions

There are many traditions in Indian -Hindu wedding. We had the opportunity to live some of them in our beautiful destination wedding in Halkidiki. The Mehendi Ceremony Mehendi Ceremony is a part of the Hindu wedding celebrations. The day before the main wedding ceremony, the bride's friends and women from the family, are gathering for the Mehendi ceremony. This kind of celebration refers to the application of a henna paste in elaborate, intricate designs on hands and feet. Henna made from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant. ( source ) The...


A Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Halkidiki

To begin with, me and the entire group involved in the Hindu wedding, we were all enchanted. At the same time, we realise that we have to do a lot! The Wedding Ceremony According to Vedic or Vaishnav tradition, the Hindu wedding (marriage) embodies the ideals of spiritual strength.  A moral and disciplined lifestyle, piety, selflessness and a divinity of love. The ceremony symbolises the linking of two souls into one harmonious whole. The format of this ceremony has evolved over 7500 years. The Panditji (Indian priest) will be conducting...