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Chalkidiki Contemporary Farm Wedding

Halkidiki Farm Wedding

Farm weddings have a completely different character. The environment, the bright green of the trees, the natural scattered flowers stand out. There is a freshness, a feeling of being one with nature.

That’s why I was delighted with this contemporary farm wedding. I tried many times to persuade couples that Chalkidiki’s inland is impressive but most are choosing beaches. I love beach weddings, they are my favourite,  but sometimes we need to think about different options.

The wedding ceremony was held in a church very close to the farm. Equally important, I could say more important, it was what followed.

The Triplet Baptism

That was a challenge, especially for the priest. He had to baptise not one, not two but three kids. It was a huge experience for everyone. I don’t think I can describe the situation, not so easy. The crying, when one baby started the rest were following. The godmothers, they were really busy at the time. The priest when he was trying to do his work, the guests that did not know what to do and how to help. I wanted to scream but I did not.

The rich buffet and the dishes we offered to the guests helped a lot. Everything was homemade from local vendors.

When in the first place we discussed the baptism issue with the couple, I had many doubts because of the ceremonies, on the same day. This is not so wise because it’s tiring for everyone. As a result, we managed to succeed it. I do not think I can make it again, though!

The wedding reception took place in a marvellous farm in Chalkidiki the Platanorema.  Platanorema in Greek means plane trees in the stream. This venue was the most appropriate for the contemporary farm wedding the couple wanted. The main building and the small available apartments built of stone of the quarries of Chalkidiki. Trees, streams and aromatic plants surround the area. Besides that, there are horses, sheep, goats and chickens. Like a small zoo.

The menu, strictly traditional greek,  accompanied by a farm’s house wine. The cultivation of the vines takes place in an area of Mount Athos. Again, everything from local vendors.

Local extraordinary honey with strained yoghurt and homemade sweets was served as a dessert. Except for the wedding cake, of course.

The centrepieces, the flower arrangements were simple and elegant in a combination with boho details and lots of candles. On the contrary to other theme weddings, farm weddings do not need much. Less is more.

Congratulations to the couple and the priest’s outstanding effort.

Location: Gomati Chalkidiki

Venue: Platanorema Farm

Photographer: Manolis Igoumenidis

Planning & Design: Willow Weddings & Event Management

DJ: Makis Chaitas


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