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Wedding Trends. Where Do They Come From?

Trends, generally, emerge and evolve depending on a variety of factors, including film, art, street style and socio-political movements. Wedding trends, like others, is a social process in which style or taste changes. This can be about changes in how we dress or what we eat or what we like to watch on television.  Henrik Vejlgaard, M.A., M.Sc. Who create new wedding trends? We call them trendsetters, and they are a distinct group because of their personality. There is such a thing as a trendsetter personality and it makes trendsetters crave changes from...

Discover the Wedding Trends for 2018

Wedding trends for couples that start planning their wedding for 2018. Too much to do, too many details to take care of until their Big Day. Before you choose a colour scheme or a wedding theme, check the new wedding trends for 2018. There are plenty of predictions from wedding planners, fashionistas, designers and bridal magazines, through the web. I decided to refer only to those that are identical to my own opinion. Colour of the year The new colour trend, according to Pantone is the ultraviolet. Dark, moody, delightful colour,...