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Wedding Day Services

Wedding Day Co-ordination


If you choose to plan the majority of your wedding

Wedding Day Only means the Wedding Day Coordination. When you completed the majority of your planning, and you want to  “hand off” the last of the wedding details to a professional. 

The kind of services we can provide are:

  • Consultation with the bride and groom to find out information about their wedding and to determine how they wish their marriage to flow
  • Visit both ceremony and reception sites before the wedding
  • Development of a detailed wedding timeline
  • Checking with vendors to confirm arrangements for the wedding day, two weeks before your wedding day
  • Attendance and overseeing and directing the ceremony and reception ( up to 10 hours)
  • On-site coordination and supervision at the ceremony site and during the reception.

Check also our A la Carte Services

If you want more information on the above services to feel free to contact us


Let's start planning

Willow Weddings, offers you the comfort to set your celebration date, to participate in all the steps of your wedding planning and together we’ll make your wedding day unforgettable.



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