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Discover the Wedding Trends for 2018

Couples are starting planning their wedding for 2018. Too much to do, too many details to take care of until their Big Day. Before you choose a colour scheme or a wedding theme, check the new wedding trends for 2018.

There are plenty of predictions from wedding planners, fashionistas, designers and bridal magazines, through the web. I decided to refer only to those that are identical to my own opinion.

  • Colour of the year

According to Pantone is the ultraviolet. Dark, moody, delightful colour, we’ll see many references in all shades of purples

  • Hanging flowers

For stylish weddings. More creative approaches to floral displays. Combinations are endless

  • Copper

The look for 2018 weddings is getting more industrial. Couples can incorporate copper into their decor details. Use metallics, Avoid last year’s pink gold, “it’s time to go” by Bryan Rafanelli.



Copper image 

  • Wedding food

Unique food is a priority. Food stations are a great way for the dining experience


image by Michelle Kelly 

  • Wedding florals

The bolder, the better, this is exactly my opinion too. Love bold flowers, add drama to weddings, make them moodier.


  • Wreaths

New wedding trend for 2018 are the wreaths. Eucalyptus with wildflowers, wispy grasses are going to impress the guests.


image source 

  • Geometric shapes

Sleek geometric shapes with soft flowers and natural elements.new-wedding-trends-for-2018

image source 

  • Colour is back

Keep an eye on brighter pinks, purples and blues. Black is back. This wedding trend for 2018 pulled up from fashion designers where black accents are giving wedding gowns a glamorous edge.


image source 

What is not a wedding trend for 2018

by Madeleine Lucke 

  • Twinkle lights

Unless you are having a holiday-inspired December wedding

  • Bunched Table Linens 

Really? Who does that?

  • Naked cakes

I never liked them, maybe for a birthday party..

  • “No flower” weddings

something is wrong here

  • Digital invites
  • Champagne Towers 
  • Doughnut Walls

Visit the link above for the whole article it’s worth reading.

Enjoy reading the new wedding trends? Glad to hear what pattern is more important to you.

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