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Wedding Trends. Where Do They Come From?

Trends, generally, emerge and evolve depending on a variety of factors, including film, art, street style and socio-political movements.

Wedding trends, like others, is a social process in which style or taste changes. This can be about changes in how we dress or what we eat or what we like to watch on television.  Henrik Vejlgaard, M.A., M.Sc.

Who create new wedding trends?

We call them trendsetters, and they are a distinct group because of their personality. There is such a thing as a trendsetter personality and it makes trendsetters crave changes from time to time. Because of this they are very open to new innovative styles and will be the first to take on what is new. There are many trendsetters in groups such as designers and artists.

Social Media has transformed the wedding industry.

Biggest impacts on wedding trends are coming from Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

Social media play a key part right from the start with many brides-to-be meticulously planning every aspect of their perfect wedding on Pinterest before even getting engaged! What’s more, due to its collaborative nature social media offers a very useful way for brides and grooms to communicate their ideas with their wedding vendors, their wedding party and of course, each other. (https://www.gatherhere.com)

When it comes to marital prep, people are married to digital (http://mediakix.com):

    • 83% of wedding planning is now done online
    • 62% of couples create their own wedding site
    • 52% use a wedding planning app
    • 54% implement a wedding hashtag

The data shows that each year, newly-engaged folk are increasingly turning to social media to help plan their special day. So long as brides and grooms continue to plan weddings, wedding Instagram influencers will sustain strong influence within the industry hotbed.

Which social media platform is your favourite? 

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