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Your Destination Wedding in Greece

wedding-in-greeceA few things to consider

Legal requirements for your destination wedding in Greece. Legal documents are similar almost everywhere in Greece.

There are a few small differences though, for each city or Providence. Make sure that you’ll contact Metropolis or Municipality of the region you are interested in. Even better contact Willow Weddings & Event Management for assistance.

Differences are also between the couples and the country they are coming from.

What you’ll need

Copies of the bride and groom’s passports.

Bride’s and groom’s full birth certificates (shorter versions are not acceptable).

A Certificate of No Impediment. This document confirms that you have never been married and you are free to marry. You can find it at your local Registry or Statistics Office and must be issued within three months of the wedding date.

Divorce Certificate(s) / Decree(s), for divorced parties. Certified copies of each divorce.

Deed poll/name change/adoption papers for each party (if applicable) in certified copies.

An apostille stamp is the seal of the relevant State / Country/ Commonwealth office in accordance with the Hague Convention; it allows you to use the stamped document in a foreign country. The stamp refers the relevant legislation and indicates the validity of the documents for international use. 

You must translate and certify all of the above documents (with the exception of passport copies) the Greek  Embassy / Consulate in your country.  If this is not possible, you can send via mail or courier service the papers to us. We will arrange the translation with an authorised attorney on your behalf.  The fee for this service depends on the number of pages.
You must send all your documents (copies) 
eight weeks prior to your wedding in Greece. You will give us time to confirm that all the paperwork is in order. It is your duty to bring all the originals upon your arrival in Greece.

Please note:  All documents must have an apostille stamp otherwise are not valid.

Do not issue anything three months before your wedding date.

After your destination wedding in Greece

You must remain in Greece for at least one business day, as you will need to sign your Marriage Certificate at the local town hall.

Please contact your local authorities and ask what they require in order to accept the Greek Marriage License as binding.

Contact us for more details.

Planning your destination wedding in Greece way ahead, you’ll have time to make corrections if it’s necessary. 

Remember. Having your destination wedding in Greece it’s a journey that you and your friends will never forget.

Good luck!!!


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